Musipire Professional Music Education was established in 2003 by several professional musicians who founded the company. All of Musipire’s founders have rich musical backgrounds and have earned their degrees from prestigious music institutions. Their goal is to pass on the essence of music to students, young and old; and to provide each student with a professional music learning experience. Throughout the fourteen years of Musipire’s development, our amazing students’ achievements, great learning environment, friendly staff, professional instructors, and strict management have brought forth three music learning centers and resulting in an unparalleled solid reputation.

Musipire uses music as a vehicle, combining musical training, interaction, and stimulation to provide students a platform for learning to flourish and grow. Musipire’s team consists of strict management and high-quality operation standards, together with a remarkably trained professional staff members and instruction team, thus set us apart from the common music lessons programs. Our instructors come from professional music institutions and many already have extensive teaching experience prior to joining Musipire. The most important requirement to become our instructors is instructors are required to have the knowledge, patience, and right skills before they can start teaching our classes. In addition, each of our music centers provides a comfortable and elegant learning environment, so our students can concentrate more and receive musical training through an efficient and solid method. Today, many of Musipire’s students have gotten exceptional scores on the level exams such as NYSSMA and Royal Music exams, and some have been accepted into the Juilliard School of Music College and Pre-college divisions, Manhattan School of Music, Harvard and Yale Universities.

We advocate the concept that “learning to play an instrument will instill many good habits and transforming a student’s personality into a more mature and well-rounded person ”, which enables a student to learn better at school academically and to develop a very disciplined and persistent trait into a student life. At Musipire, students not only learn to play music, they also develop a passion for the instrument that they play and will have a deep understanding of what it takes to become good at any skill sets. To our students, music has already become a big part of their lives, and because of music, they will have richer and more potential to excel in lives both in school and at their work.

Musipire provides music lessons for students of different ages and levels. Instruments include and not limited to piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, clarinet, oboe, flute, saxophone, vocal, drum and much more.

Musipire Professional Music Education; Where Art Breathes Life and Inspiration!

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