Located in Queens, New York; Musipire Music Center student, Tony, performs Tori no Uta from Japanese animation Air by Shiniji Orito and Jun Maeda.

Teenagers love cartoons and video games however, Tony reminds everyone that while watching TV for a pastime, you don’t have to leave out music studies! If you hear a song that you like, why not learn it, or better yet, perform it! Whether you are a young child, a teenager, or an adult, there will always be places that you can find music, or music will find you. So long as you let music touch you, it would always be in your life. As Tony continues to live the life of a teenager, he never forgets to take his music classes and express his feelings. Quoting what he said, “anyone who is interested in learning an instrument should be open-minded and TRY IT OUT!”

皇后区音乐班的学生Tony, 目前为美国纽约皇后区伟乐专业音乐教育学校的钢琴班的学生。Tony钢琴演奏曲目为日本动画鸟之歌插曲。

青少年喜欢看漫画和玩游戏。但 Tony 想让大家知道,我们在看电视的同时,也可以兼顾音乐的学习!当你听到一首你喜欢的歌曲,为什么不去学习或是演奏它呢!无论你是小孩,青少年还是成年人,音乐无处不在,音乐就在我们的生活中。当音乐触动到你,它便永存在你的生命之中。在Tony青少年时期,他不忘将音乐注入生活,让它表达自己的感受。正如他所说,任何对学习乐器有兴趣的人都应该放开自己的思想,试着去尝试学习!

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