Musipire Music School student, Hilary, performs this beautiful piece by Richard Clayderman. Hilary enjoys playing beautiful music, and especially loves to play and practice this piece during her music lessons. She hopes all the viwers will enjoy her performance and hope you will enjoy our production as well. Thank you our Youtube subscribers!

Hilary在美国纽约皇后区伟乐专业音乐学校学习钢琴课,9岁的 Hilary 为我们演奏了Richard Clayderman 的优美乐曲。Hilary非常享受表演这首曲子,她也表示热爱练习欢这首曲子。Hilary 希望每个人都会喜欢她的表演,当然我们也希望大家会喜欢我们的视频。感谢您订阅我们的频道!

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