Former Musipire student and current Juilliard pre-college division student, Qing Yu Chen at age 12, performs Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in D major K.211, First Movement. Piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu

In a mix of sun and clouds, lush grass and rippling river, Qing Yu brings us this magnificent violin concerto. She had studied at Musipire when she was 7 years old and later went on to attend The Juilliard School pre-college division at age 9. Qing Yu possess more than talent and dedication to her music, she is also well-mannered and down-to-earth. While confident on stage and interpreting her piece, she humbly accepts applause and praise, and is also truly grateful of the people that has worked with her and helped her along the way. Perhaps it is with this modesty yet self-motivation that she has come to take in each piece then transforms them into the marvelous presentation that you see here. Qing Yu is a great example of the balance between music discipline and characteristic development. We want to thank the Chen family for a pleasant outdoor shoot and our long hours of collaborating together.

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