Musipire Prestige student Ivan Yang at 7 years old performs this Kuhalu for us. Ivan Yang came to Musipire when he was about 5 years old. Ivan’s Daddy and Mommy all care about children’s education very much and spent huge amount of time on their children’s education and development. As his teacher and music school, we see the amazing results of his parent’s education and influence did to Ivan. Ivan truly love piano and like to play and practice piano (credit to his parents). He specially like to perform in front of people and share his music with others. At Musipire, we have heard him told us countless times that how much he loves music and piano. We are very happy that at Musipire, we could see his development first hand and would like to thank his parents’ 100 % trust and believed in us. If you are interested in seeing many amazing story happen at Musipire, and why his parent’s can magically “TURN” Ivan Yang liking music, please leave in the comments so our team will know what all the viewers are interested in. Thank you for watching and support! Thank you for caring music, education and our next generation!

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