Located at Queens, New York;Musipire Music School student Tiffany, performing Hunters’ Chorus by Carl Maria von Weber with Piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu

At Musipire Music School’s concert, Tiffany presented herself with outstanding performance. After performing the piece on the violin, Tiffany and her mother decided to choreograph a dance routine to follow along the song! We hope that music will continue to grow with Tiffany and we know it will bring so much joy to her life. Tiffany would like to thank her teacher for teaching her violin and dance skills, and she especially appreciate her parents for all the support in taking violin lessons and music classes at Musipire Music Academy. In return, Musipire would also like to thank Tiffany and her family for preparing and participating in this production project.

伟乐音乐学生Tiffany,演奏Carl Maria von Weber的Hunters’ Chorus, 邱伟老师钢琴伴奏

伟乐音乐学校位于美国纽约皇后区,而这位迷人的小女孩正是伟乐音乐会上出色的优秀学生 Tiffany。在用小提琴学习并演出了这首乐曲子后,Tiffany 决定用自己另一项热爱的舞蹈和母亲一起编排一个配合曲子的舞蹈!Tiffany 从小对音乐和舞蹈热爱,为此她不仅努力学习小提琴,还喜欢把小提琴和她喜爱的舞蹈艺术和音乐一起舞动。在纽约伟乐音乐学校,我们衷心希望 Tiffany 能与音乐一起快乐成长,并为她的生活带来多彩多姿惊喜。 Tiffany感谢她的老师所教授的一切,她也悄悄的告诉我们,她爱妈妈也爱伟乐音乐的小提琴课程。伟乐也真诚感谢 Tiffany 和全家庭一起共同参与了这次有意义的拍摄活动。

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