Queens Music Academy student, Iris at the age of 6 performed this F.Seitz Violin Concerto No. 2 for us, piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu. Iris Wu’s parents are very nice and dedicated parents. They truly trust and believe in their teacher for her music lessons and always cooperate and work together with all of Musipire team members. When come to their children’s education, her parents are not just nice only, they understand very well how to educate their lovely children. They understand when to give them rule and when to reward them. We saw it first hand during our weekly violin lessons as well as at the music recording session. Both Iris and her little brother all have very good manner and with great respect to others and each other. All of us at Musipire had a sweet, loving and touching afternoon and evening with Iris family. Thank you Iris and Thank “YOU” our youtube supporters!!!

音乐小天才 Iris 在美国纽约皇后区伟乐专业音乐学校学习小提琴课,她演奏的曲目是F.Seitz Violin Concerto No. 2,由邱伟老师担任钢琴伴奏。Iris的父母为人正直善良,他们对孩子的音乐老师充分信任,也对伟乐音乐学校的团队工作十分配合。说到孩子的教育问题,Iris的父母非常懂得如何去教导孩子,从来都是赏罚分明、不溺爱。在每周上小提琴课或是录影时,我们都能亲眼目睹家长对孩子的优秀影响和督导。无论是Iris还是她的弟弟都非常的有礼貌,对彼此与他人都很尊重。感谢 Iris, 我们所有拍摄工作人员与 Iris 和她的家人共同度过了一个甜蜜温馨的午后时光。感谢广大学生家长支持我们的YouTube频道!!!

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