After learning many classical pieces, Jenny attempts to break out of the baroque style with this smooth jazzy tune that’s often used in movie soundtracks. Aside from taking piano lessons and classes for almost half her life, Jenny also plays the flute and guitar. She takes all of her music lessons at Musipire Music School, located in Queens, NY . Even with schoolwork piling up, Jenny finds that if you dedicate yourself to what you love, you will always have time to enjoy yourself. Jenny would like to thank her teachers and parents for their guidance and support. With caring people supporting her, Jenny will always have the passion and interest for music.

Musipire wants to thank Jenny and her family for taking music lessons at our music school and all the viewers for watching plus many encouraging comments!

在纽约皇后区伟乐音乐学校学习了许多古典乐之后,Jenny 尝试使用电影配乐常用的音乐技巧,试图打破传统巴洛克风格并创造属于自己的音乐。Jenny 除了投入大量时间学习钢琴,同时也学习长笛和吉他。Jenny 告诉我们,即便是在繁重的课业下,如果你是真的喜欢去做某件事情,你就会找出时间,并花时间用心去做。 由此可见,这位十几岁的女孩对音乐是充满了热爱之情。Jenny 希望接这个机会,感谢老师对她的指导,父母对她的支持。 正是有他们的支持,才使得 Jenny 能坚持音乐这条道路。

伟乐音乐中心要感谢 Jenny 与她的家人和我们一起完成这首曲目的录制,也要感谢所有观众的观看和鼓励。

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