ShanShan Xiao, a passionate girl with passionate love toward music, has been with Musipire for many years. Her first appearance with Musipire was on the Musipire’s annual concert. That night, her performance caught everyone’s eyes and left a very good memory for all of us at Musipire. After many years of hard practice and tireless pursuing of her musical dream, ShanShan has made a lot of improvement over the years. One day, our music director Ms.Meng passed by her lesson room, was surprised by how much she has improved since her first debut at Musipire’s Concert. Ms.Meng brought the attention to our media team, and after our team meetings, a dream come true video production was born.

During the shooting day, no matter where we went, we always attracted a large crowd of people watching our shooting. ShanShan did a good job singing in front of so many strangers and was not afraid of showing her best repeatedly at different locations and for different audiences. ShanShan’s Dad is a very dedicated daddy and put in so much effort in her musical training and learning. He would bring her to every single lessons as well as take her to every possible good performing opportunity. What impressed us was ShanShan’s hard work and her Dad’s unconditional love toward her musical dream. We would like to thank ShanShan for her wonderful work and thank her teacher and Musipire’s whole team. Most importantly, thank you, our youtube fans!

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