Queens, New York Music school student Hilary at 9 years old performing Chopin waltz in c♯ minor op 64 no 2. Hilary is a very gifted and smart girl. Not only is she good at piano, she is also very good academically and at chess. We saw it first hand how much her parents care about their children’s education. Her father takes care of her academic work while her mother takes care of her piano lesson and music classes. We would like to thank her parents for their dedication and thank all of our Youtube viewers that gave us good comments and support!

位于美国纽约皇后区伟乐音乐学校学习钢琴课程的学生 Hilary 为我们演奏肖邦华尔兹c♯ minor op 64 no 2。Hilary是一个非常聪明又极具天赋的女孩,她不仅擅长弹奏钢琴,而且在国际象棋比赛中也表现非常出色,屡屡获奖。她的父母对孩子教育的重视也是大家有目共睹的。 Hilary 的爸爸通常负责帮助辅导她的学校学业,妈妈则负责照顾和陪伴她的钢琴课,音乐学习和象棋比赛。我们真心感谢她父母为她所做的一切,也要感谢所有的关注我们的人和给予我们宝贵支持的广大观众!谢谢。

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