Musipire Music Center student, Shirley, performing Chopin Sonata No.3 in b minor, Op. 58 1st movement, Allegro Maestoso.

Everyone at our music center knows Shirley as an outgoing, active, and humorous teenage girl. You might see her laughing loudly with friends or buried in piles of homework while she waits for her music lessons. With everything happening for a typical 14 year old, she still manages to find time to sit down in front of a piano to study and practice this piece. For the 8 years that she has been taking piano lessons, “practice makes perfect” is proven to be true by her performance. When Shirley comes in contact with a piano, all her mischievousness just disappears. Her seriousness on her performance right away attract people’s attention. Musipire thanks Shirley for a job well done!

纽约伟乐音乐学校学生 Shirley 为大家演奏曲目-肖邦奏鸣曲No.3 b小调,Op. 58 第一乐章 allegro maestoso.

在伟乐音乐学校,大家都知道雪莉是一位外向,活泼,幽默的女孩。你可能会看到她与朋友大笑,埋头苦学,或与游泳队一起游泳。在她14年的学生生活中,一有空她便坐下来练习钢琴和复习乐曲。 对于在美国纽约皇后区伟乐音乐学校学习钢琴课已有8年的琴龄的她,“熟能生巧” 这个词在她身上得到了很好的印证。一旦坐在钢琴面前, Shirley 立刻变得不再顽皮,马上投入到音乐当中,并用指头快速飞奔的在琴键上飞舞出心中梦想的旋律。伟乐音乐中心特别骄傲 Shirley 为音乐付出所达成的成绩!

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