Musipire student, Alan Lee performed this beautiful Beethoven sonata with Musipire piano faculty Mr.Yu Lu. Alan is an outstanding young musician and inspirational role model for many aspiring musicians around. Contrary to what most people’s believes you need to start music early, Alan started his violin lesson when he was 11 and has been tirelessly pursuing his dream ever since. Very often, Alan would practice his violin in his bedroom all evening and even beyond midnight, and he would travel anywhere whenever there is a performing opportunity. From his teacher, Ms.Meng’s feedback, we know that Alan is always fully prepared for his lessons and never need any teacher or parents’ reminding. His success comes from his persistent hard work and strong desire and passion toward music and we are very proud of having Alan grew up with Musipire’s community.

We would like to specially thank Mr.Yu Lu, Alan’s parents and Mr.Chiu for 100 percent cooperation and dedication to this production. This production takes countless hours to complete and we truly think Alan, Mr.Lu and Musipire’s team created something timeless and beautiful. Hope you enjoy the video and please do not forget to thumb up for Alan’s great work!

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