For a young student, Li Yu certainly has great stage presence. At the count of “lights, camera, and action!” she was not nervous, and as you can see, this performance was in one single take. Li Yu has been studying piano at Musipire for one year. She truly has great interest in music since she has been hearing her older sister play the violin starting at a young age. Seeing pictures of how Li Yu works in class is just a part of her musical journey. She is attentive and always asks “why” when she encounters a problem, and won’t rest until the question is resolved. From her devotion to music and studying with her teacher, she has already passed the second highest level of the New York State School Music Association examination in such a short time period. Congratulations to Li Yu, and we look forward to hearing more from her soon and perhaps her sister as well!

6岁的俪榆是美国纽约皇后区伟乐音乐教育中心的钢琴和小提琴的学生。 她为大家演奏的曲目为 Beethoven Sonatina in G, 2nd Movement。对于一个年轻的学生来说,俪榆有很好的舞台感。在面对闪光灯的时候,她一点都不紧张,正如你所看到的那样,所有的动作都一次到位。俪榆在伟学习钢琴已经一年了。她对音乐的兴趣来自于她从小就听姐姐演奏小提琴。照片里认真上课的俪榆只是她开启音乐之旅的一部分。遇到问题时,她总是喜欢问“为什么”,直到问题解决才肯罢休。通过她对音乐的热爱和平时认真的学习,在短短的时间内已经通过了纽约州立音乐协会第二高的级别考试。恭喜我们的俪榆,我们期待着能够听到她和她姐姐带给我们更多的美好音乐!

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