Musipire Prestige student Li Yu Chen just had her 6th years old birthday not too long ago, and performed this L.Beethoven Sonatina in G major for us. Li Yu is an extremely smart and talented girl. She is very cute and good manner, therefore, she is very popular at Musipire as many of our staff all like her very much. As her teacher and music school, we found many talented students like Li Yu often like to ask a lot of interesting questions. Many times we all laugh out after hearing her very unusual but interesting questions about music and piano. Li Yu’s parents are very dedicated parents and really put all their heart into their two lovely daughters’ education. Every day at Musipire, we meet countless parents and students. But I can honestly say that Li Yu’s parents are one of very few parents that really understand how to educate their children. They are really a pleasant to work together. As her teacher, I could feel we are truly working as a team and no wonder both of their lovely daughters are all doing marvelous job musically and academically!
We want to thank our viewers very much for supporting us, because of your warm words that made our whole team feeling we are doing something worth a while!

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