Musipire New York Queens Music School student William performs this very challenging piece, Piano Sonata No. 23 ‘Appassionata’-III. Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Presto by Beethoven. This piece requires the performer to have a certain degree of technical maturity in order to perform, and for a 10 year old boy, William did a pretty good job. As his teacher, we see William’s musical ability growing and improving rapidly at Musipire new york music school first hand. After years of working with William, we can truthfully testify that without the support from his grandmother and his father, plus his own dedication to music, such impressive results would have been hard to achieve. Music learning and journey is like a sport team; its not only the athlete that matters but the combination the entire team also play an important role. Through professional musical training, one does not only learn to appreciate the beauty of music, one will also experience many hard to learn lifelong lessons, then eventually a student can apply it to anything that he or she desires to achieve in life.

Please give William your encouragements and supports and you will motivate a child to work even harder and eventually we hope this clip can influence and motivate more people to practice harder! Thank you.

年仅10岁的学生William,在纽约皇后区伟乐音乐学校学习钢琴课程已有多年。他为我们带来了极具挑战性的钢琴曲目,贝多芬钢琴奏鸣曲 23 “Appassionata” – III. Allegro Ma Non Troppo,Presto。 这个作品对表演者的钢琴技巧有着很高的要求,对于一位年仅10岁的男孩来说,我们认为William已经尽了他最大的努力去完美的诠释了这个作品。作为他的老师和学校,我们可以看到William在伟乐学习钢琴的这段时间,他的音乐能力有了长足的进步和快速的提高。首先要说的是,没有William奶奶和爸爸的支持以及他自己的辛勤练习与付出,是很难取得这样的成就。“音乐课程是一场团队运动,并不仅仅是以艺术的形式存在的,不全是专业的演奏,而是两者的结合。通过专业的音乐训练,学生不仅学会欣赏优美的音乐,还会经历很多事情并且从中得到终身受用的经验,这对将来都会有很大的帮助”—邱伟老师。


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