Musipire student Lenny Meng at age 10 performs Beethoven’s Bagatelle in E-flat major, Op. 33, No. 1 Andante grazioso quasi allegretto

Well-mannered and mild-tempered Lenny joined us with his family on this shoot for the piece he had auditioned for then performed at Musipire’s recent Honor Student Concert. It is a trend at Musipire that the students, even at a young age, are quite mature due to their affinity and influence from music. Lenny is no exception, as you can tell from his calm and steady speech, much like the bagatelle. His parents also have made music a constant flow of life in their household by letting both children learn music and parents taking a very supportive role. Music comes naturally for Lenny because of his genuine fondness towards it, therefore, learning and performing comes at a certain ease since he whole-heartedly accepts the music into his heart. Musipire Media would like to thank the Meng family for such a delightful collaboration experience and all your time and effort spent on music education.

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