Located in Queens, New York; Musipire Music School student, Iris, performs J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 3 in C major BWV 1009, Bourree with piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu. Iris is a very self-motivated girl. When taking her violin music lesson, if she makes mistakes or if she can’t achieve what the teacher expect her to do, she will get upset at herself. We would like to thank her parents for instilling such good drive into little Iris and we at Musipire appreciates her her parents’ trust and support! Lastly, thank you our youtube viewers for loving Musipire Music Academy so much!!

Iris 是一位非常有上进心的女孩, 目前就读于纽约皇后区伟乐音乐学校学习小提琴课程。这一首由 Iris 为我们演奏的 J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 3 in C major BWV 1009,Bourree 是与邱伟老师一起合作演出。 在上小提琴的课程中,如果她不小心犯了一些错误,或者如果无法达到老师所期望的标准,Iris 就会感到不满和更加努力。 在此,我们要感谢 Iris 的父母从小就教育她做事认真的好理念,伟乐也能深深体会到她父母对我们的信任和支持!最后,谢谢这么多喜欢我们伟乐的观众!

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