Musipire Honor Students

Is there really such a thing as child prodigies? If yes, how would one define the term “prodigy”? Is it innate? Or is it the result of influence by surrounding? Musipire believes that every child possesses the potential of becoming someone great. However, it takes more than just desire to reach such accomplishments. All raw talent is trained and refined with diligence and determination. Adding on the support from loved ones, and a never-ending thirst to acquire knowledge, every child has the potential to become a young prodigy. Like French philosopher, Simon de Beauvoir once said, “One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius.”

Throughout the past years of Musipire’s development, there have been many testimonies from successful students. They realized that with dedication, passion, and the skills passed down from their instructors, they too, have the ability to achieve their goals. Guiding students onto the right path is one of the most important responsibilities of a music instructor. With proper teaching and their family’s encouragement, every student can have their spotlight on stage.

“A genius is made from hard work and dedication!”

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