Music Exam, Music Audition, Music Competition Preparation

In order for students to advance faster, be more skillful and be ready to face different kinds of challenges and important events, Musipire provides Exams and Competitions preparation classes and programs to better prepare our students for different music level exams and music competitions throughout the world!

Build a foundation for your dreams, Raise your standard for a bright future!

NYSSMA- The New York State School Music Association

The NYSSMA is a standardized music examination that is widely recognized by teachers and students. It is held annually by the New York State School of Music Association, consisting of six levels, with level 6 being the highest. Registration begins from May to June. You can click the button to browse our past student's exam scores.

ABRSM- The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

Held twice a year by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music for students who wish to challenge themselves to achieve a higher level of musical knowledge, including music theory and performance. This examination consists of eight levels, with level 8 being the highest. Registration is usually during months of April to May, and October to December. At Musipire, we spend a great effort in helping our students to achieve satisfactory grades for their music examinations. Throughout our history, many of our students have received very high or outstanding scores on their exams. You can click the button to browse our past student's exam scores.

Major music conservatories or pre-college division entrance examination

The Juilliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, and Mannes School of Music are among some of the most prestigious schools that accept students for pre-college programs. Prospective students need to take the annual entrance exams and live audition before a jury panel in order to be considered enrollment in these schools. Entrance auditions take place from March to May annually. Throughout our history, many of our students have been accepted into the pre-college divisions of above world famous conservatories and we are proud of our own student's great achievement!

New York LaGuardia Specialized High School Entrance Exam

LaGuardia High School is one of the oldest and most well-known Art and Music specialized public high schools for gifted students in greater New York City area. LaGuardia High School combines a regular high school curriculum while providing special art, music, and dance related classes for students who are majoring in these subjects and specially gifted in these fields. The school receives great reviews from colleges throughout the U.S. and holds a great reputation for musically talented students.
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