Life Changing Opportunity

Music is a Lifelong Skill

So you might think it is just keys and strings, brass and wood, but music is more than that!  When you learn about rhythm and beat, it also trains your personal pacing, which is evident in everyday life (walking, exercising, sports, dance, etc).  When you learn about notes and pitches, it also trains your ears and voice on how you hear, interpret, and express things.  When you learn about dynamics and tempo, it begins to touch your emotions and self-control: how soft, how loud, how slow, how fast, with a touch of sadness, or being super happy…

Learning music goes from your hands to your ears, then to your heart.  It also brings feelings out from your heart, through your voice or through your hands.  Thus, music is both a physical and emotional tool and influence.  It is never about just the instruments or just the notes on the paper.  In the long run, it is always about – you.

Life-Changing Adventure

Music is versatile in the way that it is not designed for just one type of people, it is for everybody. It also isn’t the same for everybody, it is unique to each person it reaches. Musipire has had students who were over-energized, impatient, and hasty, that have learned to calm down, pace themselves, and indulge in the beauty of art. There were also ones who were shy, soft-spoken, and inexpressive, but became eloquent, creative, and released their feelings via music. Their family and friends would say that they have changed and became a new person, and eventually, they themselves would realize, “Music changed me”.

With the quality education that Musipire provides, when a student steps inside their classroom, she is also opening herself to a life-changing experience to the wonderful world of music.

Jennifer's Mommy, parent of a lovely 8 years old girl
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