Musipire Concerts

Musipire is known to produce extraordinarily talented young musicians. In order to enhance our student’s musical learning desire and to reinforce student’s discipline and hard working ethic, we polish our students’ artistic skills and leadership skills with seasonal music concerts and annual concerts. Musipire encourages our students to participate in every showcase of ours in order to strengthen student’s confidence in a public presentation scenario. These events are also great opportunities to allow our students to share their accomplishments with their loved one and family members, at the same time it’s a great way to induce pride in hard work and overcome anybody’s self-doubts.

If you are interested in experiencing the amazing and talented Musipire Student Artist performances, please visit our Youtube Channel!

“The greatest influence on students is the influence of other students; The best way to teach is not to teach, instead, we spark student’s desire to learn and to be better…..we are here to inspire, to spark a fire and to awaken the passion! ”

Wei Chiu, Musipire Executive Director

2016 – 2017

It’s very touching and rewarding to watch so many students worked so hard to perform duets and ensembles together. It takes so many rehearsals and hard work to get two or three people to play together and perform as one complete performance. Musipire’s students really rock and we cherish your success with your parents and family. You may watch their performance by clicking here.

2014 – 2015

What a great night and what an amazing group of talents!  Many of Musipire’s students started to shine and mature as a young superstar and we are thrilled to discover so many gems and diamond among these future rock musician!  You may watch their performance by clicking here.


Musipire’s talented students and excellent performances attracted a large crowd of people to come and enjoy this amazing evening. The audience continued to stand up and clap for more than three minutes after all of these young achievers delivered an amazing musical night. You may experience it yourself by clicking here.



Countless Talents and extraordinary young musicians gathered together and created one unforgettable evening.  After watching the show, many faculty members, parents and audiences were touched, cried and smiled for the wonderful achievements of these wonderful students.  Let’s click here to enjoy that wonderful evening!



Many Musipire students, current and former, which some are now in Juilliard and Manhattan Pre-college divisions, came together to participate in the community-popular Musipire Student Concert.  You can watch all the fun and interesting behind the scene by clicking HERE!


Family and friends gathered at Queens Crossing’s Mudan Banquet Hall for yet another outstanding performance of the Musipire Student Concert.  The event ended in waves of delighted applause.

2008 – 2009

Both the 2008 and 2009 Musipire Student Concerts were held at the Merkin Concert Hall nearby the Lincoln Center due to an increase of performers and audience. The concerts brought about much praise from its attendees.

2006 – 2007

Both the 2006 and 2007 Student Concerts were held at the Flushing Town Hall.  The acoustics of the auditorium combined with the excellent quality of the Steinway grand piano brought a wonderful atmosphere and sound to the students’ performances.


The 2005 Student Concert was held on December 4th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The students were divided into three different age groups, and the audience was impressed by the promising young performers.


Our first concert was held at Taiwan Center in Flushing, New York.  Students were slightly nervous and shy at their first concert; however, it did not affect their eagerness to present their best work to the audience. The successful turnout of this concert brought the audience’s attention to their children’s musical talent.

Adult Concert

Aside from focusing on the music career of young children, Musipire also assists and help adults in learning music and building a musical foundation. We hold an Adult Concert separately from children concert, where grown-ups can share their musical achievements with their family and friends. Often time, it’s also an golden opportunity to get to know new musical friends and like-minded people in the Musipire community. The passion for music has no limit; therefore both young and grown deserves a chance to shine!

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