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Quality Piano Lessons, Violin Lessons, Guitar Lessons , Voice & Drums Music Lessons in Queens New York City

Are We The Right Music School and Academy For You?


Amazing Successful Results

Countless students have been developed into amazing talents, we are THE place in Queens New York City to take music lessons and learn instruments. Many of our students started from zero and grew into shiny music superstars and have appeared in major music concert halls and venues throughout NYC. We understand that you may be just starting, and may be just wanting to develop a child's interest, that's why it's even more important if you want to start, you might as well start with the best out there

Dedicated Instruction Team

Many schools just hire ANY musicians to teach because of their small size, and your teacher will be dependent on whoever they can hire. At Musipire, some of our current teachers have been with us for almost 10 years, and the rest of teachers' turn around rate are at around 5 to 6 years. Compare to small music studio ( change teacher 3 to 4 times per year), our instructors team are relatively stable and consistent. In addition, due to our size and scale, we do not just select ANY musicians, we hand-pick those who can fit our own instructor qualification evaluation. With more than 40 great music teachers, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs

Concert and Exams Opportunities

We think continually take lessons without any performing opportunity will slow down a student's learning progress and decrease student's interests

Countless Awards and Medals

Many of our students participated in performances and won competitions and exams. We truly know that music is an art form and not a competitive skill, but we also know that students can learn better and improve faster with goal setting, spend more efforts and under little pressure

15 Years of Music Education Industry Operation and Management Experience

Musipire New York and Queens Music Academy were founded in 2003 and we are the proven track record ever since, by 2018, we have been in business for 15 years. Our strong reputation and large amount of student volumes speak for themselves and you can rest assured that you will be in good hands

Easier to learn multiple instruments

With large amount of teachers selections, it's easier to learn multiple instruments such as Piano Lessons, Violin Lessons and Guitar Lessons altogether and take different classes with different teachers. Teachers will also be able to better prepare and focus for each lesson and student

We are here and a proven track record of excellence since 2003

Every year, aspiring music teachers start their own studio, and a year or two later it’s closed. The Musipire New York Music Academy has a proven track record of offering quality music, piano, guitar, voice, singing and drum lessons in Queens, New York all year round. Our full time mission is teaching music lessons trusted by over 1,700 families for over fifteen years.

Inspirational Student Performances

When you come into music education industry, we do not just talk about how good we are. We simply share many of our own students' music performances and learning stories through media, so you can see and hear yourself how good our students are

Professional Trained Staff Member

We are the ONLY music school and academy in Queens, New York that have large amount of full time dedicated staff members that are all professionally trained and ready to help you to keep track of student's improvements or provide you with feedback and communication. Many music studio desks are staffed by the teacher/owner or more commonly a one person band, the size of our team speak for themselves

Industry Savvy Management

Our upper management possess professional music background and education expertise, some are well-known music educators who have taught and produced many well-accomplished students

Teaching Quality Monitoring and Controlling

We keep track and monitor our instructor's teaching quality, we provide help and training to our own instructors, so you can relax and worry free

Better learning environment and more focus

We found that many of our students learn so much better when they come to our dedicated and formal learning environment rather than at their own home or teacher's house where they usually feel very comfortable and relax

Multiple Facilities in Prime Locations

As rated the Queens No.1 choice for music lessons, we are not some home run studios. Our facilities are all located in the most prestigious and convenient prime retail business locations in Queens New York City. Our Music School and facility all sit on some of the very busy and prominent commercial real estate property and location in Queens New York City

Many instruments and classes choices in one facility

We are one of the few music schools in Queens NY that can offer many popular instruments just under one roof. Such as piano lesson, violin lesson, viola lesson, electric or acoustic guitar lesson, drum lesson, voice or vocal lesson, singing lesson, ukulele lesson and rock band style, jazz and classical music style

We only focus on music and we ONLY DO music lessons

Unlike many music schools or music studios in NY that also offer dance classes, art classes, after school programs, or even English and math tutoring...etc. At Musipire New York Music Academy, we ONLY focus on music lessons and music classes, we ONLY offer music lessons and concentrating on making sure students learn how to play instruments well. We focus and concentrate and thus set us apart from a mediocre establishment

Give the best Gift Open Your Music World

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Upcoming Educational Events/Performance that will feed your brain or inspire you

12:00 am - 12:00 am

EVENT DESCRIPTION ABRSM Judge is coming from UK to Musipire to conduct annual ABRSM examinations at Musipire Facility   EVENT CONTENT Level Exams Muti-Instruments

Tony Wei & Lisa Wei Piano & Violin Recital at Carnegie Hall
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

We are very proud to present you Musipire long time honor students Tony Wei and Lisa Wei’s Piano & Violin Recital at Carnegie Hall. ...

What People Say

What real people said about us.

Musipire Testimonial-2889


Jennifer's Daddy

“My daughter did not like her previous teacher, therefore, she did not like her music lesson at all……until we found Musipire!  She is now taking lesson with one of Musipire’s instructors and she loves it…, not only she starts to practice….I can see that she is gradually changing her feeling toward music lesson!”

Musipire Testimonial-1907


Tom's Father

“To learn music well and be able to excel really take much more work then we initially thought……….my boy used to take lesson by himself and never practice at home…….until we came to Musipire……..teachers and staff at Musipire constantly tell me to go into the classroom to take lesson together with my son, once I tried……..then everything started to change.  My boy can play piano so well that even his friends at school are amazed by his ability…..this gives him a lot of confidence! ”

Musipire Testimonial-1540712


Michelle's Mommy

“ My young daughter always gets very excited and nervous when Musipire has a concert or audition………she would practice extra hard and kept asking me what if she screw up….what if she forgets the music…….what if she can not do very well………..I think these great learning opportunities provided by Musipire are excellent training for my baby and I always feel very proud of her no matter how good or how bad she performs.  I see her become stronger and better every times she went through a challenge! ”

Musipire Testimonial-1


Emma's Mother

“ My daughter’s previous violin teacher would constantly cancel my child’s lesson due to her own busy performing schedule…………we came across Musipire one day and finally found a nice and dedicated instructor to continue my daughter’s music lesson………finally, someone who cares about my daughter’s learning and we do not need to worry about teacher’s cancelling anymore!  ”

Musipire Testimonial-1317366


Sophia's Mommy

“ Taking music lessons in a music center environment is very different than taking lessons at home.  My daughter has been taking lessons at home for years and for the past 4 years of time, we already changed teachers 6 times…………….good and bad, from famous conservatoires to community schools……….it’s so hard to find a right match.   Thank God that my friend told me about Musipire, and here we are………she can finally start her lessons seriously and she told me that she can finally go to a music school to learn her favorite piano pieces!   ”

Musipire Testimonial-1907-2


Olivia's Mommy

“ My daughter has been taking music lessons for a long time, but I never really see any major improvement or progress at all.  Once we transferred to Musipire, everything starts to change……….we did not know that she still has so many weakness and areas that could be better and she finally start putting efforts into her practice…..Now we are very happy that we made that transfer.”

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